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Our Mother

Well, we all have some heroes in our lives, or at least some of us do.  For my brother and I the biggest inspiration that we had was our Mother and Grandmother.  The many years that we have inhabited this celestial ball, going about doing what we can to enhance both ourselves and those that we interact with; the predicating factor was both of these saintly ladies.  They are with God now, but they are always in our heart of hearts, and if you know the type of people that we are, you know them.

For us, our mother was more than a mom.  She was a good friend, a caring lady, a nurturing soul for her children.  A person who was there when we were happy or sad.  Our mother always look after us.  She taught us who God was, and why he was important.  She gave us a sense of values.  She taught us how to think, how to be compassionate and caring.  She was fiercely loyal to us, always looking out for what was good for us, even when at times we thought the contrary.


She was an intelligent lady, loving music, good movies, travel and above all, she loved life.  She was a beautiful woman, both physically and in the heart.  In fact, her heart was overflowing with love, and there was room for lots more, it was never filled up.  She loved others, always there for them, whenever they needed it.  She was a good listener, and always had sage advice, that we to this day thank her for.  She worked hard, always making sure that we had the best that she was able to acquire for us.  I remember how proud she was of my brother and I when we did well in school, when we did a good deed, when we graduated from grade school, high school, and in my case (sadly not Marvin's) she saw me graduate from college.

We wish so much she was still alive to see us now working, taking care of ourselves, being the best that we can be.  We will never forget you momma……I know that God is there with you, looking down on us, and somehow, you are with us, and we will never forget you.

Our Grandmother

Our grandmother was like an angel from heaven.  She has inspired, nurtured, and guided not only the both of us, but our mother, aunt and all of our cousins.  We would not be in a well to do situation this day if it were not for our grandmother.  She taught us the right way to live, the Christian way of living as well as the importance of our roots and that we should never forget them.The many things she taught us and the way to accomplish our tasks was a real blessing.  She was a traveler whom in fact inspired us to travel.  She showed us many places and spaces took us out to many adventures, places we had never heard of before for recreation and relaxation. 

Another one of her gifts was her ability as a good cook.  That trait passed on to us.  Her creativity and talent manifested into delicious delicacies prepared for us, especially on Sunday afternoon when we come from church, the traditional Sunday supper.


http://www.geocities.com/compubrothers/1x1.gifShe was both a grandmother and a mother in some cases when our mom became ill.  The teachings she afforded us is still alive in us to this very day, and will always be.  We were very fortunate to have a grandmother like her.  She never showed favor toward any of her children or grandchildren but treated everyone with overwhelming love, attention, and care that any child or grandchild could ever ask for.

She is now with God along with our mom, both watching over us and guiding us by signs and wonders to keep us safe and sound from all harm.  We love you both very much and thank you for the wonderful lives you both have gave us.  We will always refer back to your teachings when we are in distress and use wisdom and understanding you nurtured in us.

Our Father


Born in Donalsonville Georgia, our Father was very hard working and provided for the family. He was employed at Campbell Foundry in Harrison, New Jersey, approximately 30 years before he became ill and had to leave work. Campbell Foundry was established in 1921 which engineers, designs and manufactures a wide range of castings, both ferrous and non-ferrous for the construction industry.





Many of the Manhole Covers and Sewage drainage covers which has the Campbell Foundry Logo was created with the help of our father. He passed away in July of 1994 from Cancer. He made sure his two sons was well provided.

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